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Pre-FDES analysis

ATARA offers an analysis service prior to the production of FDES - Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire - for all your construction products, in accordance with standard NF EN 15804+A2 and its national complement.

ATARA has developed the most comprehensive and competitive solution on the market.

ATARA relies on solid human expertise and the use of Augmented Intelligence tools developed by our R&D department.

What is an FDES?

Drawing up an FDES (Environmental and Safety Declaration Sheet) is governed by standard NF EN 15804+A2 and its national complement.

This declaration, drawn up under the responsibility of the manufacturers
is based on the results of the Life Cycle Assessment of their product.

It summarizes the characteristics of a product for all phases of its life cycle :

A1- Raw materials
A2- Raw materials transportation
A3- Production
A4- Transporting the product to the installation site
A5- Implementation
B1 to B7- Processing
C1 to C4- End of life

FDESs can be : 

     > Individual when they concern a single manufacturer.

     > Collective when they concern several manufacturers.

French regulations require environmental declarations to be verified by an independent third party.

The list of accredited auditors for the Inies program is available at: https: //

What does this preliminary analysis entail?

Do you have a default or collective FDES? Are you hesitating to produce your own FDES?

We have developed this service, which consists of an upstream assessment of a product’s Life Cycle Impacts in accordance with NF EN 15804+A2, so that you can judge the appropriateness of the required investment.
The costs incurred for this preliminary analysis are 50% deductible from the costs of producing the EHSF.

How does it work?


Technical and Financial Proposal (TFP)

The date of receipt of the PTF accepted by you is considered to be the T0 day from which the following deadlines derive.


Kick-off meeting

Delay: T0 ± 1 week

Feedback meeting

Delay: T0 ± 3 weeks

What are our deadlines?

Analysis reports and forecast results are delivered within 3 to 4 weeks of acceptance of our quotation.

Why choose us?

They trust us

Technical and Financial Proposal (TFP)

Terms and conditions

We :

After collecting and analyzing the available data on your products (technical data sheets, installation instructions, applicable DTUs, etc.) and analyzing your needs, we send you a Technical and Financial proposal.




Proposals are usually sent within 8 days.



Our prices are among the most competitive on the market, and depend on the number of production sites, the number of raw materials used in your products, the number of suppliers, the complexity of your processes, etc.

Kick-off meeting

Organization and animation



1h00 to 2h00.

Meeting procedure


You :
Signature NDA.

Detailed presentation of your product and production process.

We :

Signature NDA.

Preparation and presentation of the summary data collection form.


Meeting minutes.

Summary data collection form.

List of parts to be collected.

Feedback meeting




1h to 1h30

Terms and conditions



We :

Presentation of forecast results.

Comparative analysis.