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French FDES

Custom solutions

Who we are

A close-knit, experienced team of engineers and architects with complementary skills. A team prepared for the 3rd digital revolution and ready to help you benefit from it.

Proven methodology and award-winning approach*.

A proactive approach resolutely focused on innovation to improve performance and reduce costs.

A policy of education, knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer**.

Our EHDS solutions

Simple solutions with intuitive operation

Atara prioritizes the user experience: intuitive interface, relevant data and educational presentation of results.

Our interfaces are adapted to each trade and each company’s specific requirements.

Getting to grips with Atara’s solutions is immediate, and requires no special technical knowledge.

Powerful technology

Our team of engineers has put in place a powerful tool that frees you from time-consuming preparatory tasks and simplifies exchanges between the various parties involved. Atara gives its users the opportunity to focus on their business, their product, on what makes each project unique.

Atara supplies files in the format of your professional software. The computing power and storage volume allocated to your projects are adjusted according to your needs. AI adapts to the specifics of your own business.

Human expertise

Because technology and AI alone aren’t enough, you’re the focus of Atara’s dedicated team of experts.

Our teams are made up of close-knit, experienced engineers and architects.

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